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For two years, our four year-old daughter experienced a red rash whenever she ate anything containing sugar. We went to our family doctor and a naturopathic doctor and weren’t able to find any solution besides eliminating sugar from her diet. Then we found Monica and after two treatments, Gemma was able to eat sugar again. It’s not that we like to eat a lot of sugar, but to be able to have a slice of birthday cake or the odd cookie was a real treat.
We are very thankful to Monica for healing our daughter.
Sharon Selby

We brought our 8yr old son in to see Monica as he had been complaining of stomach pain (very randomly, but often) for quite some time. He had gone through allergy testing with our doctor, but the test results came back negative. I knew he was sensitive to some things (anything scented would make his face go a bit red, mold, dust) but they weren't allergies. When my brother and his wife brought their son to see her and told us about their results, we got up there as soon as we could. After one treatment his stomach complaints completely went away! Thankfully, we were also able to pinpoint some other things he had going on.

After seeing the results with our son, I decided that I would go and see Monica for myself. There wasn't anything really specific, with the exception of latex, that I knew I was allergic to. However, I often felt tired, bloated, my eyes would burn from time to time etc. I was never sure why. After I had muscle testing done we were able to put some names to things! The one thing that stands out for me is how the anxiety that I had since I was in my teens was completely GONE. I was treated in February and am now writing this in November, not a stitch of anything and PLENTY of opportunity to have some! I feel like I can breathe. It is amazing how much of a hold something like anxiety can have on a person.

So thank you Monica. Words could not possibly express the amount of gratitude I have in my heart for you; all that you do and have done for my whole family.


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