Practitioners of Bioset and NAET must be health care professionals.

I have been working as an allergist in Vancouver and the Comox Valley, BC since 2005. My initial training in allergy elimination was at the Bioset Institute in San Francisco which was followed by study and active practice under an experienced NAET practitioner in New Brunswick. Having trained in both Bioset and NAET has provided me with a broader perspective for treating allergies. Incorporating these with Chinese Medicine Theory and other modalities provides the opportunity to look at the body and wellness from a holistic perspective.

In addition to my training in allergy desensitization, I have a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture from Langara College in Vancouver and am a Registered Acupuncturist in New Brunswick. I also have training in Aromatherapy Massage, Foot Reflexology and Healing Touch.

I continue to update my education with workshops and conferences in complementary therapies, such as Apitherapy for auto immune diseases. This multidisciplinary approach enhances the efficacy of the allergy treatments to restore health and balance to the whole body.

I now divide my Allergyfix practice among 3 locations: Vancouver, BC, Courtenay on Vancouver Island, and Miramichi, NB.

My interest in this health field was originally inspired by seeing my sister, who had suffered terribly with allergies, obtain immediate relief after being treated by a NAET practitioner in NB. All these years later, I am still excited to see the results this treatment offers.

About Allergy Fix

Allergy elimination originated in 1985 by Dr. Devi Nambudripad (NAET), then further developed by Ellen Cutler (Bioset). Those who are parctitioners of NAET or Bioset must be health care professionals.

Bioset allergy elimination is a healing system incorporating neuromuscular sensitivity testing (which compares the strength and weakness of any muscle in the presence and absence of a substance), acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, in order to allerviate adverse reactions and restore balance to the immune system.

Treatments eradicate reactions to foods, environmental substances, pets, pollens, dust, chemicals, household cleansers, molds, perfume, latex, medications, cigarette smoke, shellfish, penicillan, etc.

Food Allergies

Initial testing focuses on basic nutrients that may be out of balance, preventing the body from metabolizing or utilizing that specific nutrient in the food. This approach is used when there is no immediate allergic reaction and the cause of the symptoms is unknown. Any symptom can develop as a result of an imbalance with basic nutrients.

This explains why sometimes "eliminating foods from your diet" doesn't always give the expected relief from symptoms. Let's take a look at a common food reaction such as dairy, as it tends to be a significant one. There are many components to dairy, Vitamin D, calcium, chromium, whey proteins and lactose. If dairy is eliminated from the diet but symptoms don't totally disappear then we can assume that a basic nutrient in dairy, or one that is consumed every day, is the culprit. Once we find which nutrient is the cause, and treat for it, the symptoms linked to that nutrient are eradicated. There can be multiple symptoms involving several nutrients attached to one imbalance.

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